A pioneer in the field of infratherapy for almost 20 years, Iyashi Dôme works side by side with renowned experts in order to develop the best protocols and prove the effectiveness of its Japanese sauna.
Shiguru Uemura

Contributed to the research and development carried out for the first generation Iyashi Dôme device and for the Titanium Dioxide Catalyst

Naturopath and Co-Author of the book “La Méthode Michel Oliver

Trainer in the natural Japanese health method

Shitō-ryū expert and Founder of the Kamuhi Taï Do school (expert in martial arts)

Comité d’experts santé - Dr Philippe Blanchemaison

Doctor of Medicine

Head of teaching at the Faculty of Medicine, Paris V University (Cochin)

Vascular medicine specialist, Paris V

Specialist in the Physics of Medical lasers

Former resident doctor at Hôpitaux de Paris

Comité d’experts santé - Dr Christian Roche

Graduate from GLEM LYON (homeopathy, auriculotherapy)

Founder of OEM, the first comprehensive and personalised method for global health, in 1993

In 2014, creation of a comprehensive health, beauty and wellbeing treatment programme that includes Iyashi Dôme technology

In 2017, creation of the Christian Roche Academy for research, education and innovation in the fields of health, beauty and personalised global wellbeing

Comité d’experts santé - Marilyn Becquet

Former high-level athlete (heptathlon)

State-registered physiotherapist since 1995

Sports physiotherapy specialist since 2006

Certified training in active global stretching in 2005

Certified training in visceral kinesiotherapy

Comité d’experts santé - Dr Joachim Valero

Inter-university graduate in general and emergency services ultrasound imaging.

Specialist in geriatrics, graduating from University Paris 7, 2009 thesis: “nutrition for the elderly, anti-ageing alternatives”

Specialist in clinical and therapeutic nutrition, graduating from Bichat Hospital Paris 7

Thesis “Obesity: surgery and nutritional programmes, a necessary combination”.

Specialist in emergency medicine, (CAMU) graduating from University Paris 7, “post-traumatic stress and acute coronary syndrome with ST elevation”.

Comité d’experts santé - Béatrice Rapoport


Author of an educational method in nutrition published by PANTHÉON Editions in 2012: “À BOIRE ET À MANGER.

Qualified in medical hydrology and climatology at the University of Clermont Ferrand in 1995.

Doctor at the Balneotherapy centre CHAÎNE THERMALE DU SOLEIL in Saint-Amand-les-Eaux from 1995 to 2000 with the organisation of public health conferences on nutrition.