Iyashi Dôme signature treatment: Omedeto®.

Always attentive to our partners and their needs, to consumer expectations and to the evolution of the wellness market, this idea was born several years ago.

The time had not yet come. We were already keen to offer you a device whose results were known and recognized, and to provide you with a safe, autonomous control system, so that you could have complete confidence in the Iyashi Dôme device and make it what it is today: the benchmark infratherapy device.


A meeting brought this idea to fruition, enabling us to develop it further and offer it to you: the Omedeto was born.


More than a body and face massage, it’s a sensory experience that touches all 5 senses. Your expert hands combine with Iyashi Dôme technology to complement and embody the deep action of long infrared rays.

Precise, effective maneuvers designed to deliver intense relaxation and remarkable results on facial features.

Soin signature Omedeteo Iyashi Dôme

ourselves and inventing the future of healthcare

Reserved for our Iyashi Dôme partners, the Omedeto® massage is designed to diversify your treatment menu by offering an innovative and unique massage that will be of great interest to you and your customers. Lasting 40 minutes, the Omedeto massage is performed during a gentle Iyashi Dôme session.


The promise of a “second youth” in an exclusive signature treatment!

An integral part of a high-end treatment protocol, combining Iyashi Dôme infratherapy technology, our warm Osojis® and Oshiboris: the Omedeto™ massage is a firming and rejuvenating treatment that will relax and loosen back muscles, brighten and tone the face to deliver a stunning anti-aging effect and deep relaxation.

Various skin-stimulation techniques work together to mobilize the many parts of the face, neck and décolleté and their muscles, to sculpt, lift and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

An immediate “glow” effect that adapts to all skin types to intensely boost elastin and collagen production.

When technology meets tradition, when the hand joins the tool, the senses open up and happiness is made.


Omedeto®: calm, lasting happiness

This new approach allows you to prove that a single device can be the crossroads of a multiplicity of approaches, treatments and techniques, to offer an exclusive signature within your establishment.


Cabin occupancy: 01h00 - Duration of Omedeto modelling: 00h45

Prix de vente conseillé (France) : 149€ TTC


Training duration: 2 days - Location: Paris

Value: €1,400 excl.