intense Iyashi Dome sessions

The original Iyashi Dome session is best known for its intense sweating action, which activates a deep cleansing and detoxification of the body.

The rise in body temperature, creating this important thermal shock, also allows an action on the slimming part because 1 gram of “Iyashi Dome” sweat is equivalent to 0.156 Kcal or 600 Kcal in 30 minutes.
The strong sweating created will allow, in addition to the work initiated by the IRL on the fibroblasts, to hydrate the skin in depth and thus restore its suppleness, elasticity and radiance.

The strong session can also be of interest in a sports context in preparation or recovery. In preparation, the day before an effort, the body will have been cleaned in depth, the heating benefits of the IRL on all ligaments, tendons, muscles,… will avoid any strains, ligament tears,… and immediately after the effort will allow the faster elimination of the lactic acid responsible for the aches.

Some manual and/or mechanical treatments can be added to the strong session, respecting a delay of about 20 minutes so that the body’s temperature drops a little and the sweat stops naturally.

Séance forte


A deep Iyashi Dome infratherapy session lasts 30 minutes.

You will suggest to your client to quench his thirst with Osojis, relax or detox drinks (Iyashi Dôme floral waters) before his session. A weighing with the Tanita impedance meter can be proposed (optional). The session is carried out naked or in disposable underwear. First, you lie on your back for 15 minutes, the IRL (long infrared rays) will gradually raise your body temperature. For the next 15 minutes, you will invite your client to turn over and lie on his or her stomach. Intense sweating may occur. When the session is over, you will suggest to rehydrate with the Osojis and refresh with the fresh Iyashi Dome Oshiboris.


Cabin occupation: 00h40 to 01h00 - Duration of the session: 00h30

Recommended retail price per unit: 50€ incl. VAT