Far infrared radiation has wavelengths that range from 3 to 1,000 micrometres. Our body’s cells essentially respond to far infrared radiation with wavelengths between 4 and 25 micrometres.


The Iyashi Dome offers the largest wavelength range on the market, with an emission of infrared radiation between 5 and 20 micrometres, the best match for the human body to absorb.

In order to emit its far infrared rays, the Iyashi Dome uses 100% “MADE IN JAPAN” technology called “Black Carbon”.

It was developed by a group of Japanese researchers and industrialists and is patented in Japan and the USA.

It is manufactured especially for the brand Iyashi Dôme with the highest standards of quality and robustness in order to provide professionals guaranteed productivity and durability.


Thanks to its very high density, our emission system evenly distributes far infrared radiation to the whole body.

infrathérapie Iyashi Dôme
black carbon Iyashi Dôme

Photos of the BLACK CARBON used in the Iyashi Dôme:
Measuring instrument: HITACHI Electron Microscope Model: S-4000


Resulting from the latest technologies, this controller designed and made in France provides a matchless simple and safe operating method.

To provide you with a smooth-running session management solution, we developed this controller to guarantee remote session tracking, monitor far infrared emission and, above all, to enable you to offer a contactless treatment and work with a device that is 100% hands-free.

Aware of the harmful effect of certain wavelengths and the sensitivity of some of us to them, all of our components are fully tested and comply with all applicable European standards.


Iyashi Dôme RenaiSens


Developed to work in conjunction with our controller, this app enables you to have completely hands-free control of the device. It also provides a series of tools designed to help you programme the sessions.

Equipped with a questionnaire tailored to your business, you define the optimal treatment for each client.

Because you are running a business, we have developed a check-up programme that ensures you never find yourselves with a non-operational device. This programme gives real-time alerts about potential incidents and the corrective actions required.

Application mains libres Iyashi Dôme


Where there is Detox there are Toxins!

Iyashi Dôme’s effectiveness in the field of deep detox is backed by scientific studies and is the reason why it was necessary to add an efficient photocatalysis system.

A unique system developed by and manufactured for Iyashi Dôme is the result of years of research and development.

Its effectiveness, recognised by an innovation patent (INPI patent granted in January 2018) ensures device hygiene is guaranteed for you and your clients. Its exclusive components and operation provide real-time eradication of toxins and bacteria during the session, without any action required on your part.

catalyseur breveté


Fifth generation devices are CE-marked with conformity tested by the world-renown UL Laboratories.

Since 2013, the 4th generation of devices complies with the “Medical Devices Directive” carried out by an independent laboratory in Germany.

Also since 2013, the Iyashi Dôme devices have been equipped with a circuit-breaker that deactivates far infrared emission when the two domes overlap by more than 40% in order to prevent them from heating on top of one another and therefore to optimise material durability and ensure absolute safety of use.

sécurité et normes Iyashi Dôme